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Our EuroShop 2020 topics

Discover our Green Store Technologies at EuroShop 2020!

In the global warming climate, we need to act for the benefit of the generations to come. Sustainable refrigeration and heating in one smart, environmentally friendly system – it is not just futuristic thinking anymore.

Come and visit our stand and get to know our solution for your store's total energy management. Allowing you to manage heating, refrigeration and energy storage. And to save energy, resources and the environment.

Viessmann Green Store technologies

Experience the future of shopping at EuroShop 2020!

In the age of online shopping, when everything has to be quick, easy and convenient stores need to adapt to current trends and their customer's needs.

We offer you a range of new technologies and innovations to make shopping at your store easier, more attractive and sustainable. 

Be inspired by our solutions for making your customers happier and increasing your revenue.

Viessmann Future shopping experience

Keep produce fresh for longer - we show you how to do it at EuroShop!

About 1.3 Billion tonnes of food is thrown away every year - often because the products were not stored correctly.

Additionally, a huge amount of groceries' packaging end up in the trash.

Efficient and focused refrigeration does not only help the environment, it also helps you to save costs and energy.

Find out how you can keep your produce fresh for longer and avoid waste with the help of Viessmann refrigeration solutions.

Viessmann Food freshness

Merging of food retail and food service at EuroShop

Only one more week until we can welcome you to share insights and have a fruitful dialogue.

Combining the necessity of grocery shopping with the convenience of eating out attracts more customers and increases sales. The line between food retail and food services is slowly disappearing as shopping and eating good food go hand in hand.

We would like to invite you to visit our partners for future house, the place to be for nice conversations, good food and refreshing drinks.

Be our guest and enjoy your stay at the Viessmann stand throughout the day.

Partners for future - Viessmann Refrigeration